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Textile Patterns

My repeat designs are available for license. I enjoy creating motifs that meet somewhere in-between experimental, organic, and playful. If you are interested in using my designs, please get in touch with me using my form below.

Aubergine mock.png
The Cut-Ups
This motif uses hand-made paper collages, made from my discarded watercolor paintings-- cut up into strips and reassembled into abstract shapes and textures. This pattern was envisioned to be paired with apparel, home textile furnishings. 
Variations: Olive, Amber, Ochre, and Aubergine. 
Bubble Face.png
Bubble Face
A maximalist repeat that is reminiscent of colorful 60's repeat patterns, crossed with a folk-art stained glass window. Envisioned to be used as novelty quilting fabric, apparel, or upholstery.
Fish Egg mock up_edited.jpg
Fish egg circle.png
Fish Egg Puzzle
An abstract watercolor motif of "fish eggs", in blocks of green and blue on pink-cream background. Envisioned to be used for apparel and bedding. 
peaflowers mock up_edited.jpg
peaflowers circle.png
Sweetpea Flowers
A dreamy watercolor floral repeat pattern, on a soft yellowish-white background. Envisioned to be for an infant or children's apparel, bedding, upholstery, or gift wrap. 
Diffuse Finger Lakes mock.png
Diffuse finger circle.png
Finger Lakes Pink Mock_edited.jpg
Rosey Finger circle.png
Painty Finger Lakes
A trippy print of a painter's splashy palette. Designed for apparel, accessory surface design, bedding, and quilter's novelty fabric.
Variations: Gray, Pink
indigo stones mock.png
indigo stones circle.png
Indigo Stones
A calm palette of collaged blue circles and half circles with a watercolor speckled texture. Designed for novelty quilting fabric, apparel, children's apparel and bedding,

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